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My experience with the Atkins system, how much does it cost per month?

My experience with the Atkins system, how much does it cost per month ? There are many healthy diets that contribute to reducing obesity or excessive thinness, and also contribute to a very large extent in stabilizing the desired weight, so these systems are many and multiple, and vary according to many factors, and through the reference site we will learn about the most important and more These systems use the "Atkins system", as we will learn about some of the experiences of that system, and how much is downloaded per month.

Diet and its types

The diet is everything that is usually consumed from eating and drinking during a certain period of time, such as the daily diet, and following the diet is often an attempt to reach a certain weight, whether by increase or decrease, and sometimes it is in order to maintain that weight, and by research it was found that There are many different factors that affect people’s choices about the type of diet, such as ethical, religious and medical beliefs. It is worth noting that many diets are not healthy, but the most prominent of them are the healthiest and most common, and the most widely used, are the following:

  • The Atkins diet.
  • Zone diet.
  • Keto diet.
  • Juice diet.
  • Intermittent fasting.
  • Paleo diet.
  • Plant-based diet.
  • DASH diet.
  • Mediterranean diet.

The Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is a special system for those who want to lose weight , and this system depends on low carbohydrates, so it is one of the most quickly used systems, and the percentage of carbohydrates that are reduced is compensated by many healthy fats and proteins, and this diet appeared in the middle of the last century, specifically 1960 AD by Dr. Robert C. Atkins, where Dr. Robert C. Atkins published his book in 1972 AD.

Atkins diet how much does it take a month

Burning fat to lose weight in the Atkins diet depends largely on the stage the system is going through, because this diet consists of several stages, and it is worth noting that the first stages of the diet are the stages in which weight loss is frequent, and it is called the induction stage, as the person It is normal to lose 3 to 4 kilograms per week, specifically during the first period, and then the percentage of lost weight gradually decreases, but in general, it is normal to lose between 8 to 12 kilograms per month when following the Atkins diet.

My experience with the Atkins system

There are hundreds of experiments with the Atkins system to reduce weight, including the following: [1]

The first experiment

A college girl in her twenties says that she is addicted to food from a young age, and this caused her to be obese, which prompted her several times to miss university, so she went to a nutritionist to consult him about this matter, and he advised her to follow a diet based on the Atkins system, and indeed she lost Over 20 kilograms in three months , and she is still following that system, hoping to reach the ideal weight. [2]

second experience

One of the men said that his weight increased significantly after he exceeded the age of forty, due to wrong eating habits, and by searching on the Internet, he knew the Atkins system, and indeed he lost more than 10 kg within three months , besides, his desire to eat became less relatively than before. [2]

The third experience

A mother says that her ten-year-old daughter suffers from obesity, and that she is unable to deprive her of food, and that exercising only without following a diet does not work, so the trainer advised her to follow the “Actz” system, and indeed, after more than two months, the girl lost more than The 6 kilograms , so it is recommended to follow that system.

What is the mechanism of work of the Atkins diet?

The Atkins diet is among the most successful diets, as this system depends on burning fats directly, and does not depend on burning carbohydrates as other systems, as this system depends on eating many proteins such as dairy and its products and meat of various types, while reducing carbohydrates such as reducing Rice, pasta, bread, fruit, and the like, as reducing carbohydrates with an increase in proteins stimulates the feeling of satiety, and reduces the desire to eat, and this system begins by eating carbohydrates per day by only 20 grams, and with time, that percentage increases until it reaches 120 grams max.

What are the stages of the Atattz diet?

The Atktz system has four stages, and those stages are as follows:

The first stage of the Atkins diet

This stage is called the induction stage, because it is the most weight loss stage, during which excess weight is eliminated by more than 65%, and it is one of the most easy stages, and it begins with great passion in a desire to reach the ideal weight.

The second stage of the Atkins diet

The rate of decrease in that stage is less than the induction stage, during which the body begins to lose weight gradually until it reaches the stage between the last steps and the ideal weight, and at that stage the maximum weight that can be lost does not exceed seven kilograms.

The third stage of the Atkins diet

This stage is called the stage of weight stabilization, as weight loss does not last as some believe, so the dieter needs to complete the system in a certain way to stabilize that weight, and this stage includes many methods, and these methods vary according to the nature of the body, and the amount of carbohydrates it needs.

The fourth stage of the Atkins diet

This stage is the most important of the four stages, and this stage is the diet followed throughout life to ensure the stability of weight, and at that stage, carbohydrates should be eaten in a small percentage that does not exceed 250 grams per day, which is more than the usual percentage by about 100 grams.

Atkins products and where are they available?

Atkins products are represented in chocolate bars and diet protein bars, with many instant drinks, and these foods are ready to prepare, and do not contain any prohibited type, as they contain very small amounts of carbohydrates, and these products are available in many shopping sites and supermarkets.


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