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My experience with baking soda on an empty stomach to lose weight

My experience with sodium bicarbonate on an empty stomach to lose weight , burn fat, get rid of rumen and belly fat, according to what has been rumored in the world of health and slimming in the recent period, after many rumors spread about the effectiveness of this element in the process of getting rid of excess weight, which we explain its health and the most important facts about it in This article is provided by the reference site for everyone who suffers from the problem of gaining weight and looking for the effectiveness of common recipes in solving his problem.

What is sodium bicarbonate

A strong alkaline chemical substance, which increases its ability to react with acids and fats, and this substance is available in the form of a white powder that is used for many purposes where it can be added to some foods, and it can also be used in the cleaning process and many other purposes, and this substance is also called in the market Baking soda, or carbonato, has recently been used by some people to lose weight, depending on its alkaline ability to interact with body acids and burn stored fat.

My experience with baking soda on an empty stomach to lose weight

One of the women mentioned her experience with baking soda for slimming, and she explained that she was suffering from overweight and had heard about a recipe for drinking sodium bicarbonate with apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach daily. He did not like this mixture, so it did not last for a long time, but she learned that it can be used before exercise to prevent fatigue, and she noticed a decrease in her weight after following this method.

Does sodium bicarbonate lose weight?

Recently, there has been a belief that sodium bicarbonate helps in losing weight in itself, which is a completely wrong belief, but it is true that it may be a catalyst for increasing burning when following a good diet, and this substance has a high ability to give a person energy for exercise and prevents feeling Tiredness during exercise, so some use it as an auxiliary drink before exercise to be able to do exercises for a longer period, which helps to lose weight.

Sodium bicarbonate for rumen and cellulite

Most women suffer from the problem of cellulite and stretch marks, especially in the abdomen or legs, and women's experiences have shown that most topical creams and recipes did not work for this case, but the cosmetic expert, Natalia Rowenson, stated that cellulite can be completely eliminated when painting the stretching area with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate. With manuka honey, as the mixture moisturizes the skin and increases blood circulation, in addition to its effectiveness in burning rumen fat when drinking it as a burning drink.

How to drink sodium bicarbonate for weight loss

Sodium bicarbonate can be drunk in several ways when added to some other elements to facilitate its drinking and increase its effectiveness. This drink is taken before exercising to avoid fatigue during exercise in one of the following ways:

  • Sodium bicarbonate mixture with apple cider vinegar: Put two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, then add a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate to them, then stir the mixture and drink it.
  • Sodium bicarbonate mixture with lemon: Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water, then add a tablespoon of baking soda to it, stir the mixture and drink it.
  • Sodium bicarbonate mixture with fruits: Mix two lemons with some mint leaves with some strawberries with a glass of water, beat them well in the electric mixer, and then drink the mixture.

Warnings about drinking sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate has a very salty taste, so it is one of the substances capable of raising blood pressure, which makes it not suitable for many people, especially some patients. To increase its drinking constantly, especially if the stomach is empty, may harm the stomach and cause some pain, ulcers, or stomach rot.

Disadvantages of drinking sodium bicarbonate on an empty stomach

Sodium bicarbonate is used in the preparation of many foods without causing any harm, so it is a safe substance when used in moderation, but when you increase it and eat it for a long time, it may cause the following damages:

  1. It poses a significant risk to patients with heart and kidneys.
  2. High blood pressure and water retention in the body.
  3. Stomach rot.
  4. Respiratory and digestive problems.
  5. Irritation and redness of the eyes.
  6. Damage to the vocal cords.
  7. Pain in the stomach, throat and abdomen.


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