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My experience with skipping the rope to remove the rumen

My experience with rope skipping to remove the rumen , many people want to know the benefits of doing rope skipping to lose weight, so the reference site in this article will explain the answer to the question “ How much does rope skipping lose?” In addition to explaining the benefits of rope skipping and a person’s experience with using it as a sport that reduces the abdomen.

rope skipping exercise

It is one of the exercises that depend on speed and fitness, because the person doing this exercise works to raise a rope up and then pass it from under the feet quickly in a circular motion, provided that the rope does not touch the feet by jumping to avoid it, and by doing this exercise moves the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks in order to strengthen those muscles And burn the fat accumulated on it.

My experience with skipping the rope to remove the rumen

In this part of the article, we will explain someone's experience with rope skipping to remove the rumen:

  1. Since I was young I have been suffering from the problem of excess weight to the point that I have had to lower my belt under my stomach since I was in elementary school.
  2. I've never had enough time to exercise because it's so exhausting and boring and I haven't been able to stop themselves from eating so all my attempts to lose weight have been unsuccessful.
  3. When I got engaged to my wife, she was a sporty, graceful girl, and she wished that I was like her, with a perfect fit.
  4. I told her in a clear time that I was a fan of skipping rope, her eyes were shining and she told me that if I stick to this game every day at a steady pace and try to regulate my eating a little it will help me lose weight.
  5. To be honest, I didn't take it too seriously, but I decided to try it anyway, and to my surprise I found that in the first week I lost about 5 kilograms, which encouraged me to continue playing this game.
  6. After that my belly fat started to disappear little by little over a period of 20 weeks and now I have a flat iron stomach.
  7. Of course, I adhered to a diet to some extent, and it helped me to notice the results that lifted my spirits, and the fact that life without belly fat is completely different from life and the person is not satisfied with his health or appearance.

Detailed steps for doing the rope skipping exercise

The rope skipping exercise can be performed using the following steps:

  1. A rope is taken and thrown behind the back.
  2. The rope is raised above the level of the head.
  3. Pass the rope from the bottom of the feet while jumping before the rope touches the feet.

Benefits of rope skipping exercises

The benefits of performing the rope skipping exercise are as follows: [1]

  1. Helping to strengthen the heart.
  2. Improving blood circulation in the body.
  3. Help burn body fat.
  4. Strengthening the muscles of the thighs and abdomen.
  5. Increase fitness.
  6. Improving the psychological state of a person.
  7. Control the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Rope skipping exercises

The disadvantages of performing the rope skipping exercise are as follows:

  1. Ligament rupture.
  2. Muscular strain.
  3. Swollen feet as a result of blood pools caused by excessive fatigue.

How does rope skipping exercises improve the psychological state of a person?

The rope skipping exercise improves the psychological state of a person through the following:

  1. This exercise helps to make a person release his pent-up energy.
  2. This exercise is more of a fun game than a gym exercise, keeping the person entertained while performing it.
  3. This exercise works to eliminate stress as well as pass the time.
  4. This exercise makes the person who plays it more satisfied with himself because he feels that he is doing an exercise that contributes to improving his shape and health and at the same time he does not feel discomfort or pain.

Does skipping rope increase weight?

Rope skipping does not increase weight at all because it helps burn fat , and perhaps the explanation of some people’s observation of their weight gain after doing rope skipping exercises is that the muscles swell and swell with the length of the exercise, which causes an increase in their mass, which appears on the scale in the form of an increase in weight A rope skipper might think he's getting fatter, when in fact he's gotten thinner and leaner.

How much does a skipping rope lose?

The rope skipping game will make a person lose in the first week about four kilograms, but after the first week, the rate of burning fat in the body will decrease as a result of the body’s consumption of all light fats, so the burning of fat starting from the second week will be from one and a half kilograms per week to two kilograms grams, and it is worth noting that the percentage of fat burning will increase if the player is on a diet that works on slimming.

People who consider rope skipping exercises to be dangerous to their health

Rope skipping is dangerous to the health of the following people:

  1. Pregnant women, as it may lead to miscarriage.
  2. Heart patients or pressure.
  3. Diabetics.
  4. People with osteoporosis.

Tips to keep in mind when performing rope skipping exercises

The following tips should be observed when performing the rope skipping exercise:

  • The time of exercise should be gradual, meaning that the time on the first day does not exceed a quarter of an hour, which is gradually increased with the passage of days.
  • It is preferable not to play for continuous periods, but to take a break after every ten minutes, for example.
  • Place a rug or blanket under the feet to avoid hitting the ground.
  • You should not drink ice water during exercise to avoid getting a sore throat.

Applications that help to perform rope skipping exercises

The obstacle that stands in front of most people in performing rope skipping exercises is their inability to continue to perform these exercises regularly for long periods, so in this part of the article we will clarify some electronic applications that may help the trainee to adhere to the exercise, and those applications are :

Jump Rope Workout Program

This program works to provide the trainee with many ways in which he can do the rope skipping exercise in an easy way. This program also reminds the trainee of the times to perform the exercise and sets specific periods for him to do these exercises according to his weight and health and also determines the rest times between each exercise and the other. Download this program from here .

30 Day Jump Rope Challenge

This program determines the exercise times for the trainee and the simplest types. It also shows the amount of fat that will be burned by doing the exercises on their specified dates for an entire month. In addition to all this, the program works to remind the person of the exercise schedule and extend it with the best tips for slimming through those exercises, and this application can be downloaded from here .

Jump Rope Training App

This program encourages the individual to do the rope skipping exercise by providing the person with the easiest way to perform it in addition to clarifying a timetable that clarifies the exercise periods daily in addition to the number of calories burned after each exercise, in addition to clarifying some tips for the exerciser, and you can download this program from here .

How does rope skipping remove the rumen?

The rope skipping exercise removes the rumen through the following:

  1. Burn belly and thigh fat.
  2. Strengthening the abdominal muscles.
  3. Tighten the sagging in the abdominal area.
  4. Improving bowel movement, which prevents the accumulation of fat.

Does skipping rope to break the hymen?

Many people believe that performing rope skipping leads to the breaking of the hymen. In fact, this is not true . The hymen is located at a depth of several centimeters from the cervical region, which makes it immune to any external injuries. No jumping or opening the legs or anything else affects it, and in general it is The membrane can only be ruptured using a hard instrument inside the uterus, and other than that, it is just nonsense and does not affect anything.


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