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The benefits of the mumian Jaber Al-Qahtani and the way to use it

The benefits of the mumian Jaber Al-Qahtani and the way to use it, as it is among the beneficial herbs for humans that are mainly found between rocks and mountains, as this herb is formed as a result of the decomposition of the plant, and for this reason many people search for it with the aim of adopting it and extracting its great benefits, and through the reference site will be done Mention the benefits of mummies with more than one way to use them so that each individual can choose what suits him.

What are mummies?

It is a sticky herb of black color and strange shape, somewhat similar to stones, and this herb is made from the remnants of herbs, plants and animals. Renewed and established among the rocks again.

My experience with mummies

I have suffered for a long time from a broken back and other problems in the vertebrae, and I spent time trying to solve this problem in natural ways. I even used the Indian premium for a very long time, but I only noticed slight results, and I was hospitalized for a long time until I got tired of the treatment in this way, to A friend advised me to use Mumian, which gives effective results in a short period of time. I actually used this herb and after a short time I was able to return to my normal life and do all daily chores without any help from others.

Benefits of the mumian Jaber Al-Qahtani

The mumian herb is considered one of the most useful herbs for treating many diseases that some people suffer from. The benefits of the mumian Jaber Al-Qahtani are as follows:

  1. Contribute to the relief of pain: thanks to the fact that it contains a group of analgesic substances, especially the relief of back pain.
  2. Contribute to providing the body with energy and vitality: and permanently get rid of fatigue, because it contains a large number of vitamins and minerals that the body needs.
  3. Getting rid of bone pain and treating wounds and fractures: and reducing the incidence of osteoporosis, thanks to the fact that it contains a large amount of different minerals.
  4. Reducing the incidence of Alzheimer's: and contributing to the strengthening and revitalization of memory, in addition to its role in contributing to an increase in the fertility rate of men and an increase in the number of sperm.
  5. Strengthening immunity: as this herb improves the work of antibodies to protect the body from exposure to infections and other problems.
  6. Contribute to the treatment of ear infection: It is also used as a treatment for hemorrhoids because it is able to reduce the swelling of the tissues surrounding the anus and reduce the annoying itching in this area.
  7. Contribute to the treatment of cystitis: the urethra and increased diuresis to get rid of toxins in the body.
  8. Useful for pregnant women: it contains folic acid, which prevents anemia.
  9. Very useful for men: because it prevents exposure to impotence and increases the duration of intercourse, it contributes to better blood flow and increases erection.
  10. Used as a treatment for prostate diseases: especially infections.
  11. Prevent exposure to atherosclerosis or stroke: because they increase the activity of blood circulation.

Other benefits of mummies

In addition to what has been mentioned about the benefits of the mumian Jaber Al-Qahtani, it has other very important benefits, as it is among the herbs that are highly beneficial for hair and for the problem of arthritis that affects many. Besides all this, it can be obtained easily and without the need to travel distances, and its other benefits are Below:

Mumian benefits for the treatment of arthritis

The joints are exposed to severe pain due to the lack of the gel material in it, which is responsible for lubricating the joints. It gives the individual a feeling of more comfort and the ability to carry on with daily life normally.

Mumian benefits for hair

Among the amazing benefits of Mumian is its ability to treat most hair problems, as it is used to treat the problem of hair loss and contribute to increasing its density and length, in addition to permanently eliminating dandruff. Keep in mind not to use this herb more than twice a week.

How do I know the original mummy

This may be confused for many, because knowing the original type from others may require some tests to be done for the mummies, since the original type is found only in the Himalayas, and the original is recognized from others as follows:

  • Conducting a charcoal test:  This test is done by bringing a piece of charcoal and burning it well, and then placing a piece of the mummy on it.
  • Conducting a dissolution test:  by bringing a cup of water and placing a piece of the mummies in it and leaving it for a short time. If the two mummies melt completely and the color of the water turns black, this is evidence that it is the original type. If this does not happen, this indicates that it is imitation.
  • Smell test:  The smell of the original mummian is very strong, pungent and unacceptable, it resembles the smell of cow urine, and if the smell is not that or is acceptable, this may indicate that it is not authentic.
  • Conducting a density test:  by placing a piece of the mummian in the water and observing it. If it does not merge and does not appear under the water, this indicates that it is the traditional type, while if it merges with water, this indicates that it is the original type.
  • Weight test:  The weight of the mummies is very light, and if it is dropped in the water, it sinks easily and very quickly, unlike other non-original types.

How to use the mummies

The benefits of Mumian Jaber Al-Qahtani are numerous, especially if the correct method of use is followed. It is known that each herb or plant has a special method that gives better results than others. It is not possible to limit the use of all herbs in one method, and there are two ways to use this herb, which are as follows:

First method

Which is done by boiling the mummies, where a cup of water is placed on the fire, adding a small piece of the mummies to it and leaving it until boiling and then eating it, but you should consult the doctor first, and this method is effective to get rid of some diseases and problems, especially headaches, and it is possible to prepare This boiled and left until it becomes warm and sit in it in the case of hemorrhoids or in the case of suffering from dandruff with effective results in all cases.

The second method

It is followed by relying on the original mumian oil, as it is placed inside a dropper and used inside the ear in case of ear infection, and the oil is also used in the treatment of hemorrhoids by applying it to the affected area, as it speeds up the healing process of wounds, and in all cases it is preferable to consult a doctor. It may be advised to mix the oil with a few drops of other oils such as olive oil.

Do mummies raise blood pressure?

It has been rumored that mummian oil causes high blood pressure, so patients with high pressure may be afraid of using the mumian because they think that it is not suitable for them, but this question can be answered by saying:

  •  Mummies do not raise the pressure at all.

It may even help reduce pressure in a large number of people with it, and therefore it is not suitable for patients who take drugs to raise blood pressure, so it is necessary to perform some tests and tests under medical advice if it is adopted as a daily drink.

mummy damage

After learning about the benefits of the mummies, Jaber al-Qahtani, it must be said that the excessive use of any herbs without consulting a doctor will eventually expose people to harm, and among the damages that the mummies may leave are the following:

  1. Heart rhythm disturbances.
  2. Severe dizziness, especially if the raw material from the grass is used.
  3. Some people have had a rash.
  4. It can cause tooth decay, especially if a person eats it constantly.
  5. It may cause some damage to the kidneys, especially if the raw herb is taken for long periods.


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